12 week puppy - rash under neck & armpits ??????

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12 week puppy - rash under neck & armpits ??????

Bella has a rash from her collar, so we took that off and kept her harness on her all last weekend. So, now her armpits are slightly irritated. We've left both off accept for walks - just using the harness right now.

The armpit rash is more just irritated skin and has been getting much better - used baby wipes to keep it clean. The under the chin rash is still pretty red. Also, she suddenly grew a lot of skin under her neck - just a puppy thing, I'm sure. We loosened the collar.

Can I use some neosporin on this? Any other suggestions? I think it started because we would wipe her with baby wipes, but wouldn't take off the collar - I'm sure it was dirty under there. Or, do I just let the air heal it?
It doesn't itch her and she's not scratching it and doesn't even seem to notice it.


The neck & armpit rash could very well be from the harness/collar. Yes, you can use neosporin or cortisone cream. Gold Bond powder may also help. My dogs don't actually wear collars in the house. I was told long ago that bulldogs shouldn't wear collars all the time, especially as puppies, because it restricts the proper development of the dewlaps (the loose skin you're seeing under her neck).

Does the rash on her chin look the same as on her neck and armpits? It's quite common for puppies to get acne on the chin. Make sure to keep her chin clean and dry, and only use stainless steel bowls. Ceramic bowls are also okay, but plastic is a no-no because they harbor bacteria. You can also use stridex pads for cleaning her chin. This is mainly a puberty thing, and should improve with maturity.

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