12 Bulldogs turned in to rescue-but Bulldog people are the best...

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12 Bulldogs turned in to rescue-but Bulldog people are the best...

On Wednesday we picked up 12 Bulldogs from a local Adminzona puppy mill.Long story put I'm going to try to focus on the good stuff.
Karen sent out an e-mail to our meet-up group and we had tons of e-mails or post offering help and supplies.Our good friends that work at a local Petco we bring our rescues out to once a month donated a few crates, bowls,collars and leases and other good stuff.Many member brought us blankets, towels,crates, bowls and other stuff.
Natural Balance doubled there monthly donation to us which is awesome and much needed.Plus the Rep Tim we work with was going to talk to other Petco people in Phoenix that he had a meeting with today to see if they could donate any more crates,shampoo or whatever.
One member came over to my house and helped me wash 6 dogs right after we got home with them.
We've had great foster home help and some help from a local Bulldogger friend who had room for 4 at her boarding kennel.The 4 will goto homes or foster homes after there spay appointments this week.
Anyone who doesn't think Bulldog People are the best dog people are wrong in my book.

thanks Shannon I'll let you know if something comes up.


Desert Rose is the kennel name-she is moving to Arkansas from AZ

I wish I could say they got busted.

BentleySlaves's picture


While I'm no longer with any rescue groups (ethical issues) I'd be happy to help in any way I can!

I can be reached at [email protected]

I'm so happy you guys are able to help those poor bullies!

I'm hoping I'll hear back from the IRS soon on my non-profit status and be able to help them again as well (I miss it dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!) They bring so much joy into your life!


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People like you....

Are the BEST!
Many hugs and Blessings..

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Wow, I've heard bad things about them but...

had no idea it was that bad. If I can help let me know, do you need money donations?

Kathy, Ollie and Chester

Jacinda and the bullies's picture

Thanks Keith and a ?

What is Arkansas Desert Rose Bulldogs? Is that the puppy mill that was busted?

Thanks for all you do for rescue.

keith i heard the new last night....was waiting for ya to post

if i can help let me know..
can you email me Karens number I cant find it..

Rhiann, Samson, Mia and Karma
If you breed then rescue
Northern California Bulldog Rescue

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Wow...you guys are really great to do all that you do

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What a GREAT thing you are all doing!

And it is amazing how people can band together when help is needed. Bless all the people who have helped and are helping you guys with these 12 bullies.

Feel free to come visit our blog!

Very impressive

major heaven points for all of you.

Good luck and hugs to all the rescues.

Lynn King CPDT

truly unbelievable

and your right bull-doggers are the best, god bless you for getting all those babies away from there, and a big thank you to all who help, foster drive to pick up, and take them to appointments, you are truly the best

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Bless all of you!


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