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Archived Bulldog Showing Competition

This forum is for Bulldog show brags, show info, education, debates, etc...

I took Hammer for his Second weekend of shows

to Scotts, bluff NE. At eight months of age he took WD and BWD on Saturday and on Sunday he took a best of breed over 5 specials and a group 4th. I couldn't believe it. WOW WAS THAT FUN!!!!

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AKC address

Can someone give me the address at AKC to submit a litter app..



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Not really a Brag ... More of a Thank-You!!!!

We went to the Clinton Iowa Kennel Clubs AB show this weekend for PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more practice. We took our 7 month old Bitch and 9 month Puppy Dog. This was our 3rd weekend out with the puppies so obviously the nerves are still running high. Fortunately we had 2 seasoned Bulldoggers ready and willing to offer advice. Actually we've been very lucky at all three show to have met and been be-friended by some very wonderful people. All but one are members of this very board.

WELLLL...since no one else is going to brag.....I will

(i am such a shy and retiring type, you know) buuuuttttt

Chris Larnard, Brits Love Bulldogs, finished her first home bred Champion on Sunday with a total of 4!!!! majors and at 13 months old. His call name is London and I forget his registered name.

He is the first champion get by Colleen H's dog, Briscoe, 'Ch Only MeadowRun Polar Express'. His mom is Kar-isma's Bewitched, aka, Rosemary...from my Friday the 13th litter of years ago....

Uli goes Best in Show at Syracuse

I don't know the rest of the winners, maybe someone can catch us up, but I just read the BIS on Sunday at Syracuse went to Uli. Also that puts CH Kepley's Showbiz Razzle Dazzle up to the #1 Non Sporting dog in the Country.

Bruce Fisher

Respect the Elders, Teach the Young , Cooperate with the pack, play when you can , hunt when you must, rest in between, share your Affection, voice your Feelings, Leave your Mark!!!

Video of the pups

They'll be 4 weeks old on Tuesday.

Go to YouTube and type SuzBully1 in the search box to see 5 short videos that I took yesterday.


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Small brag from Canada little boy Haggis aka WestCoast's Dirty White Boy out of my CH DK's Daisy Duke has done pretty good his first time out this weekend happy.gif He's 10 months old

Friday he got Best Puppy and Winners Dog for 2 points
Saturday he got Best Puppy, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over a special for 4 points!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring happy.gif

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What pedigree programs are you using?

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