Not really a Brag ... More of a Thank-You!!!!

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Not really a Brag ... More of a Thank-You!!!!

We went to the Clinton Iowa Kennel Clubs AB show this weekend for PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more practice. We took our 7 month old Bitch and 9 month Puppy Dog. This was our 3rd weekend out with the puppies so obviously the nerves are still running high. Fortunately we had 2 seasoned Bulldoggers ready and willing to offer advice. Actually we've been very lucky at all three show to have met and been be-friended by some very wonderful people. All but one are members of this very board. (You guys know who you are) Every show someone different but equally willing to take the time to help with stacking and behavorial issues. This weekend we discovered that our boy thinks that little dogs are snacks...Yikes. We are working on that issue as I type happy.gif With that being said I want to Thank Rod Mason for his bait suggestion... We got in and out of the Group ring without eating any of the other enteries happy.gif He actually couldn't take his eyes off of me and the lb of bait in my hand. I was very popular with the other dogs as well. (Just kiddin) Newcombs BC Modern Major General has earned his 1st point. Thank-you BDW... you are a Blessing! ps Rods little Bitch out of Poet got her first point this weekend (her first weekend out) Congrats Rod and Thanks again!

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Very nice story

Congratulations and I agree BDW and the members are great.....

Aren't bulldog folks wonderful????

A happy breed with generally happy, helpful folks are owned by them too!

If only I was as good a person as my dogs seem to think I am!
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