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Why Purchase A Bulldog Puppy From A Reputable Breeder?


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While there are many places a purebred puppy can be purchased, only one source can be recommended with confidence -- a responsible, reputable breeder. While places like pet shops are motivated by profit and quick turn-over, there dogs also often come from puppymills, less that choice living conditions, mass produced, and have health problems or can be sick, to name a few problems, not to even mention the usual low quality or badly breed dogs they send out. a reputable breeder only produces puppies because of a love of the breed and a dream of perfection. To that end, responsible breeders carefully screen breeding pairs, check out health issues, compliment a pedigree, work to improve faults, and breed to strengthen or enhance a line, provide the buyer with a written guarantee, and provide support and advice to the new owners throughout the dog's life. Reputable breeders are usually a member of the national breed club, but not always, and being a member of that club or selling AKC dogs in itself is no guarantee of quality or an ethical breeder alone. Some people use those memberships as a tool when talking with a less than informed buyer. It is a good thing by all means, and you should look for that, but there is plenty other things which must come along with it. A reputable breeder strives to produce beautiful dogs according to the standard of perfection for the breed, they also place equal importance in breeding dogs that have good temperaments, are sound, and are healthy.

A reputable breeder is constantly striving to produce better dogs with each generation, and their selection of dogs used for breeding is a result of years of study and a thorough knowledge of the breed. Because this type of breeder is trying to produce puppies that they can win with in the show ring, they are highly motivated to do the best breeding possible. Any puppy sold should be a pet first, a loved family member. However, not every puppy produced will meet the exceptionally high standards demanded of a top show dog. The puppies who for one reason or another are not destined for the conformation ring will then be offered for sale as companions to deserving homes.

The puppies have the same genetic make-up, pedigree, and rearing process experienced by the show puppies in the litter. These puppies are the ones conscientious, intelligent buyers purchase because they know they will have a dog that was bred because of a love for the breed. These puppies will have had top medical care, including all appropriate immunizations and worming, other test may be done and is a benefit to you the buyer and to the seller on health. These puppies will have been well fed and raised in a clean, stimulating environment that maximizes socialization and personality potential. Not mostly kept caged or crated with little socialization.

These puppies are raised in a family environment, which helps them transfer to a new family with minimum stress. Good puppies are not shy, timid or afraid of everything. These are the puppies that will grow up to be healthy, happy companions for years to come. Contrast this to a puppy purchased in a pet shop. These puppies are usually mass-produced in puppy mills, kept in filthy conditions with little human contact, and shipped out of state to sit in a tiny cage in a pet shop. Because the motive here is profit, diet and health care are determined by what is cheapest, not what is best. These puppies are often ill, and require intensive rehabilitation by the unsuspecting buyer to try to make them healthy. The health history of the pup's family is unknown (indeed, the parentage is probably even in question), and there will be no support and advice to help the buyer with any problems they encounter other that provided by the teenager manning the cash register at the pet store, who buy the way seems to think he/she is an expert in all dog breeds, to hear the sales pitch anyway. Pet shop puppies are often more expensive that those obtained from a reputable breeder, something a pet store can do because they count on impulse purchasing. You may very well find that a puppy has a bad temperament, health problems, and is hard to recognize as the breed that was supposedly purchased? STAY AWAY FROM PET STORES SELLING DOGS!!!!

Reputable breeders are also an excellent source for dogs that are a little older and out of the puppy stage and the associated problems. They are, however, beautiful representatives of the breed of which the buyer can be most proud.

Because the dog is older, the buyer will know what he's getting so far as size, temperament and looks, the dog will have had all their shots, and probably is already spayed or neutered. These dogs are indeed a case of the breeder's loss being the pet buyers gain. And don't forget the older dog, perhaps retired, adopting a six- or seven-year old will still give you many, many years with your new companion. Because reputable breeders want to make sure their puppies are placed in loving, safe homes, buyers who contact breeders will find themselves going through a screening process before a specific puppy or dog is ever discussed. The breeder will want to know about the potential buyer's family, the type of home they live in, past history of pets owned, and how the dog will be housed. The breeder might even want to visit the home to see if it is suitable for one of their special puppies.

Buyers should not be offended by this scrutiny, for it is a sign that they have found a breeder who cares deeply about their dogs and to them, placement of any of their animals is a well-thought out adoption process. Their goal is to place healthy, sound dogs in loving homes where both the dog and its family will have a long, happy life together. A wise buyer will also carefully screen breeders to make sure the breeder is someone they can trust and someone who will be there when needed for years to come. When you purchase a dog from a reputable breeder, you and the breeder become partners in assuring the future of that dog. The breeder will become your mentor and provide advice when you need it, such as how to housebreak, locating a training class., or finding a good vet. Remember, the reputable breeder's first and foremost concern is the future of their puppies, a responsibility they carry throughout the life of the dog.

While a reputable breeder has done their best to produce dogs free of genetic defects and health problems, no one can guarantee none will ever appear. If they do, the reputable breeder will want to know about it. Because producing top quality dogs takes a huge financial investment, much knowledge, and extreme dedication, a reputable breeder is committed to breed sparingly and only breed the finest examples of the breed. For this reason, dogs sold as companion animals should be sold on a spay/neuter contract with the AKC papers withheld until the dog is altered, depending on the agreement and the conditions between the buyer and breeder. The dog may also be sold on "limited registration" meaning the dog cannot be bred or shown in conformation but is still eligible for obedience and performance events.

Remember, puppy mills, pet shops, and backyard breeders who breed carelessly in the hopes of making money, are all risky sources for a puppy. These sellers lack knowledge of the breed and consider the dogs merchandise that become the buyers problem the minute the dog goes out the door. A dog is a lifetime commitment. Choose wisely. Buy from a reputable breeder. We also keep a major list of unethical breeders for the reason of tracking and helping to prevent unknowing buyers from making a mistake. Which we can say we have many times. At the same time our breeders link is very respected and considered to be the best online by many. Any of the breeders we list have proven well there ethics and have been screened and checked out before there added. Most sites will allow anyone to add a link with little or no regard to checking out anything, we don't do that, we check out things and I can assure you we have declined to list 20 breeders for every 1 we have listed.

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