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Puppy Formula


When your litter of puppies start to lap from a shallow bowl, like taking there first drink of water around 3 weeks old (could be a little early or later), then start them on a supplement formula. To help them gain weight and reduce the load form nursing on your bitch try the following homemade formula. This has been used by many Bulldog owners and I use it my self with great results. You may need to make more or less depending on litter size but it should be on this format.

2 cups goats milk, warmed slightly.

then add 1/4 cup of gerbers baby rice cereal

also add 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 egg yolk ( yellow part only).

Mix and put in a shallow bowl and watch them eat it up. Do this 2 times a day to start. Wean them off this and into puppy food by 6 weeks old.

Of course goats milk can be used to replace the bitches milk if for any reason she can't produce milk, in that case you must give only Goats milk and add nothing else. You can also buy puppy formula from your local pet store to feed as well. 

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