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Tail Amputation


A Bulldog's tail can be difficult to look after, ideally he should have a nice straight tail, moderate in length, that can be easily lifted for cleaning. However, screw tails, inverted tail and similar tails can cause your bulldog problems, including interfering with bowels, soreness, swelling and infection to name a few possible problems, not to mention in extreme cases, almost impossible to clean, which leads to infection and problems by itself.

You should try to keep the tails clean and dry, wipe out with peroxide on a cotton ball and then dry fully. If these things prove to be a problem you should talk with your vet for possible removal.

It should be noted THAT ONLY IN THE MOST EXTREME CASES SHOULD A TAIL BE REMOVED since it's part of the spine itself. Bulldog tails are NOT docked and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Again, only in the most extreme cases would one even consider a tail removal.

If it's sore and irritated one can use one of those mustard squeeze bottles to put a medicated powder in the tail pocket or even use a anti- bacterial type of ointment to offer relief. However, the disadvantage to this is with a hard to clean tail, you will have to clean and remove that every day or two, which may be hard to do and painful to the dog. It may be easier to pack it with a slightly damp betadine solution (not soap) sponge, then remove it after 4 hours, by simply pulling it out, repeat twice a day for 3 days. This is for infected and sore tails/ pockets. Removal of tail is a last resort. If possible the best solution is to wash it out good and dry it fully. If a vet suggests removal, always get a second opinion.

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