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Month of Award: 
May, 2014

Betty joined our family last September, and we cannot imagine that we ever lived without her. 

She is a stocky bundle of joy. Betty is like no other dog. She loves sprawling on her bed with her four feet out, snoring loudly most hours of the day. She is also constantly on the lookout for a playmate, pushing her ball against your leg until you throw it. 

Finally, she spends a good portion of the day wondering about the cat, putting on her cutest expression and trying to make a new friend. Alas, Charlie the cat has not yet accepted her, but in the meantime Betty enjoys a good chase the cat around the house every afternoon before feeding time. She is also the most gentle and kindest dog around. She sure loves munching on her bones, but you can literally take a bone right of her mouth, without raising her anger. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her family. 

Though she is certainly stoic in her emotions, each time one of us walks through the door she does the "shake." This consists of her shaking her whole body spastically as she doesn't quite have a tail to wag. Betty is a huge presence in our family and our love for her has no limits. We look forward to many more full and happy years with her!

Anne-Marie Embiricos