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Month of Award: 
April, 2014

My aunt owned a boarding kennel, so as a kid I would look forward to going to Aunt Polly's to see what kind of dogs she had. I loved playing with all the different types of dogs and then one day  saw this dog with a flat face. I knew right then I wanted one.

Fast forward 40+ years and I came to be owned by Zapper. Zapper is the most unique dog I've ever had; sometimes I think he's gonna start talking ! I work from home so Zapper and I are together practically 24/7. Whatever room I'm in, he'll be with me. When I go to bed, Zapper goes to bed. And where does he sleep ? Right where you think; not only in the bed with me but on the pillow behind me and his big ole head laying on me :)

Zapper has delighted me over the years with his "bulldog" antics but the best has to be him and his "woobies." When he comes in the office with me every morning he brings his favorite woobie with him. At night, he takes it back to the bedroom. The next morning, back in the office it goes!

In the last couple of years arthritis has token it's toll on Zapper so now I carry him up quite a lot. In the warm weather there's nothing he likes better than when I carry him outside and he finds a nice sunny spot to lay in. And on occasion he'll make his way down the front porch steps so he can ramble around in the yard. I love watching him sit in the sunlight and sniffing the air every Spring!

Zapper has forever changed my life and I thank God for the day our paths crossed :)