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Month of Award: 
March, 2014

Hi All!

This is my Bully called Tubbs, he is mine and my partners everything. He is only ten months old but it feels like he’s been in our lives for years, he is the perfect dog for us and fits in so well with our family. He barks like a guard dog but don’t be fooled he’s a big softy at heart. He is the most loving thing that walks the earth and the nosiest, his pass times are posing at the front door, watching the tele, sunbathing and eating the rain. He has his own daily routines through the week he wakes my partner up for work and then he snoozes on a morning before going to work on an afternoon and on a weekend he likes to get in bed and snooze for a few hours. He likes to get snuggled on the sofa on an evening with us and watch a few films. Tubbs is a very energetic dog and he enjoys a long walk (probably because of the amount of attention he attracts). Tubbs we all love you to bits and we wouldn’t change you for the world.

Love daddy Thomas and mummy Frances.