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Month of Award: 
February, 2014

Well let’s see… Brewer. Well he is the light of my life. I was so happy when I was able to go and pick up my 12lb puppy. He was such a good boy. He learned things faster than any other dog I had owned. This guy was and still is my life. He is now a 2 year old 65lb beast and as stubborn as can be. He loves to sleep his days away wherever he can. If I am on the couch, so is he, and on top of me. If I am in bed, so is he, on my pillow. When he is awake, he is playing with his favorite toy, a baseball. But it has to be a real leather baseball, otherwise it’s shredded in minutes. He loves his doggy daycare on Tuesday’s and doesn’t like to come home when the day is done. He also likes to play with his 10 month old puppy brother Bernie. He does not like it when I am doing schoolwork. He will jump on the side of my chair and push me away from my desk telling me to pay attention to him. If that doesn’t work, he will go into the bedroom and slam the door and bark until I get up and open it and play with him. He is my stubborn squishy face puppy, but he still gets what he wants. This guy has taught me many things and has trained me to his liking. He has showed me how awesome it is to be a bulldog parent. He is the reason I am stuck on Bulldogs, and will never go back to a different breed. I love my Brewer.

-- Rosita