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Month of Award: 
January, 2014

This is our Olde English Bulldogge Georgia.

I will start by saying my love for bulldogs started when I grew up in Georgia as a kid. Almost the entire state loves them dawgs so it was hard not to love them! As a kid and as I grew older living in California, one of my dreams was to own an all white bulldog just like UGA. It was the end of 2010 and we were already raising a 1 year old small Maltese named Lola. This surely wasn’t the same kind of all white dog I always dreamed of but I had to make the wife happy! I shouldn’t leave out that my wife is from Louisiana and a LSU fan so maybe this had something to do with it! On Lola’s first birthday my wife went to the store to buy a new birthday brush and before the day was over, we were proud owners of a 10 week old bulldog! I am sure Lola was thinking WTF!!! Thanks for the great birthday gift! She wasn’t the all white UGA like I had always dreamed of but with her beautiful black markings we just couldn’t resist getting her. We even liked her so much we talked our best friends into getting the brother! This ended up being one of the best decisions we ever made!

Unfortunately on July 5th Georgia’s big sister Lola (yes she was the big sister) was killed by Coyotes. This was (still is) a very sad day for our family but we never imagined how much a dog could understand or feel until this day. She was very depressed and still is at times. We loved both our dogs like any of our three kids but after this tragic experience our love for Georgia grew to a different level. Georgia is a very sweet girl who loves for my wife to hold her hand, going on walks (she will walk around the house with her leash in her mouth until you take her for one), talks to us in her Chewbacca sounding voice, takes turns sleeping in every bed in our house but most importantly she loves us back. Whenever we take her out to Venice Beach or anywhere for this matter she is stopped as if she is a star celebrity. People just love her black on white markings and especially her one black sleeve. There are have been times we are on walks and people turn their car around to come back just to see her and pet her!

The good news is at the end of July we got another bulldog that she can now be the big sister to and they are getting along very well. It is comforting to see them forming the kind of bond like she and Lola had. We can tell she is still sad at times but we can tell she is getting better with the help of our new puppy HANK. She sits in Lola’s favorite spot often and starts crying anytime she sees a small white dog but she is eating better now and running around the house and yard like she used to. 

Georgia along with our family has been through a lot these past two months and our family loves her dearly and could not imagine a day without her in it. We would be extremely honored if you would induct her into the Bulldogs World Hall of Fame because she has been a champion to us and continues to help us get through a very difficult time. We have been truly blessed to have such a great bulldog and I just hope that the bulldog lovers have or will have a chance of having a bulldog as great as the one we have. She isn’t the bulldog I dreamed of…… she is better and I am very thankful for this and proud she is part of our family.


Ennis, Jodi, Tanner, Gabby and Degan