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Month of Award: 
December, 2013

This is our Winston. He went from this cute little puppy to this cute big puppy in less than two years. Winston turned two years old on September 20th.

We knew as soon as we walked into the breeders home that out of the three she had left, he was the one we wanted. He had so much personality and he certainly shows that in all of the pictures we take of him. Our bully is so loving and almost way too friendly....just ask our company that comes to one leaves without Winston slobbers . He loves to try to find our cat, Cinder, and thankfully, he is too big to get under the bed now, as that is about her only safe place. He really keeps us on our toes...however, he is not one to take very long walks, maybe just to the corner and he is done for and lays down on the sidewalk.

Most people know, that having a bully can be very costly...lots of visits to the vet with skin issues, so if you are not prepared to give all of your love and attention, a bully is not for you, but you could not wish for a more loving pet.

Thanks from Linda Miller Houston