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Delilah Mae

Month of Award: 
November, 2013

Hi this is Delilah Mae. She is our 4 year old adorable English bulldog that means the world to my husband and I. Delilah has been the most amazing dog we’ve ever had and truth is she is more like our child. We knew she was special from the very first day we brought her home, but when we received her AKC papers and realized that her birthday was the same day that my father had passed away, we knew that she had been sent from heaven to help us get through a difficult time. We gained something so special the day we lost the greatest man I ever knew. With her playful, loving, and energetic personality it’s hard not to smile and laugh in her presence. She loves watching movies, napping, and running in circles around the house. Between naps she enjoys walks on the beach and even loves to get her feet wet. Her true love is my husband. From the time he gets home from work until the time we go to bed she follows him around the house and when we’re sitting on the sofa she will crawl over me and wiggle her way between us. Perhaps Delilah’s most awesome attribute is that she is a volunteer for a program known as Pets on Wheels where she goes into hospitals and visits with patients who can use a pick-me-up. With her infectious crooked tooth grin and human-like expressions Delilah helps bring smiles to the faces of anyone who meets her. She is the most selfless, kind, gentle, and loving girl I know and we are proud to call her ours.

From Caitlin Donohue-Vega