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Month of Award: 
September, 2013

“Well it’s an honor to be Booley of da Month again.  This means I get extra cookies and belly wubs!  This celebration couldn’t come at a better time.  It’s summer time and the weather has been juuuuust wight.  Maybe dis time mama and dad will yet me have some bbq…whatever dat is.  As you can see from ma picture, I have mastered the ‘look at that cute face’ look.  It’ll work dis time, I just know it! 

Although I have been having some small medical issues, I’m overall so happy to just be layin on the floor, snoring while I’m awake, or eating up all the foods (NOM!).  My favorite is CHEESE…but sometimes I tink mama and dad try and trick me by calling it queso… I’m much to in tune to their ploy.  As soon as that bag wustles around in da fridge, I wun in dat kitchen and say “STOP WIGHT DER!”.  Nuffin gets past me! 

In fact, I tink now is a good time for some queso…I mean, cheese.  Take care everyone!  Be safe dis summer.  Make sure to give extra huggies and kissies to your humans and booleys alike.  Smooches to all da ladies!” - Fatboy