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Month of Award: 
July, 2013

My precious Rufus (e.g. The Smoosh) waddled, yipped, and swung his nugget belly into my home four years ago, forever changing my life. I hadn’t just become a dog owner; I now had a furry partner in crime! Rufus is an extension of me and the deepest parts of my authentic self. I never knew it was possible to love an animal so much; looking at his excessively wrinkled face, 1-inch under-bite, and cinnamon roll tail is often too much for me to bear!

Rufus loves the creature comforts in life; a cozy bed (and it most certainly doesn’t have to be his), soft blankets, bully sticks, sun bathing, and rolling around ungracefully in lush green grass at the park. When he’s not sleeping, passing gas, or inhaling his food, he’s desperately trying to fit his tongue all the way in his mouth. He’s also been known to join me through the streets of San Francisco while getting his photo taken by adoring fans, as well as accompanying me on all my photo shoots for Canines & Couture.  He’s the biggest inspiration behind the blog and continues to feed me creative vigor. He keeps me grounded but on my toes, focused but distracted and of course, completely joyous.

Ru and I couldn’t be more thrilled that he was chosen to be Bulldog of the Month for July. He joins a long line of gorgeous Smooshies and we feel honored to be a part of it!

Jules and Ru of Canines & Couture |