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Month of Award: 
June, 2013

Thank you for choosing Gracie as Bulldog of the month for June!  We had always owned bulldogs but there was a 15 year span between our last bulldog and Gracie.  We were busy having children and raising our kids so we chose to wait until we knew we could devote all our time to our bully. We got Gracie 2 years ago and she is the best bulldog we have ever owned.  She loves people, every time someone comes over to our house, she runs to her toys and puts in her mouth to greet whoever comes in!  She LOVES the sun and tries to find any spot in the house where the sun shines in.  She loves going for walks and sniffs every blade of grass, tree and fire hydrant!  Needless to say it takes a very long time because she gets tired quickly!  She is a typical bulldog as her favorite things to do is eat and sleep!  Peanut Butter is her favorite and I love to stuff her favorite bones and watch her chew for hours.  She loves sleeping in bed with us but is a total bed hog!  When I wake up in the morning my legs are usually hanging off the bed and the queen of the house has taken up the entire bed.  But I wouldn't have it any other way!  We are so blessed to have Gracie in our family!  I can’t imagine life without her!

Thanks again!

Beth, Johnny, Nick and Brian AND Gracie!!!