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Newman, Oliver and Chester

Month of Award: 
April, 2013

Newman, Oliver and Chester, the three amigos!  And what a fun group they are!  We originally had Oscar and Oreo and one day Oscar's breeder came to visit and brought Ollie with her.  She said we should keep him for a few days and see how it went, but of course there was no way he was leaving!  Shortly after we lost our beloved Oscar to lymphoma, we heard that Chester's breeder was looking for a home for him, so we drove to Southern California and brought him home. Ollie wasn't happy with the new arrival, but he soon learned to tolerate him.  And two years ago we received a call from Ollie's breeder telling us that she had an 8 month old boy that she needed to place and did we want him.  Once we met him, we knew he would be ours but we were a little nervous about how Ollie would take to him since he wasn't truly a 'puppy' anymore. But Newman is the sweetest, gentlest soul and whenever Ollie would try to intimidate him, Newman would roll over on his back.  Ollie would look at us with a 'what the heck' look on his face and soon learned that Newman was his friend.  Now the three of them are inseparable and spend all of their time playing, eating or sleeping.  They love to take long walks with us or go for a ride in the car to a nearby park and especially love going to Prescott in the summer.  So Oliver is the last of the original "O's" but there are always three bullies around here!  They are the best, my three sons with fur.
Thanks, Kathy