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Month of Award: 
February, 2013

Thank you for choosing Squidward as Bulldog of the Month. I got Squid from Rod and Kim Mason as I did his brothers Plankton and Viper. Squid was 9 months when I got him, hard to believe he's already 6 years old. Squid is a very serious, smart Bulldog and understands everything. Squid LOVES to go for rides in the car and walks, problem is he can out walk anyone. He is extremely stubborn and refuses to go home until he feels his walk is complete. Squid gets a daily sponge bath as one of his favorite things to do is roll his entire body and face in the dirt. Squiddy is very attached to me and loves to snuggle. If I get up for anything he will sit up and wait to lay back down until I am there with him, even if it means sitting up with his eyes closed. He has to be touching me all the time, another reason why he gets the daily sponge bath. :) Squid has his Grandma trained to give him LOTS of treats when she is Bully-Sitting for him and his brothers. Squid is very tolerant of his little brother Viper and all of his antics. Plankton is Squid's Best Buddy and they love to lay next to each other in the sun and watch Viper cause trouble. Squid is a very needy Bulldog, he requires numerous hugs and kisses daily. Squid is My Lovey. This photo of Squid is one of my favorite pictures of him and was taken by Rod Mason. Love, Michelle, Plankton, Squidward and Viper.