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Month of Award: 
January, 2013

At our house, Maybull the is the center of the universe and she has been since she first arrived 13 years ago, a tiny 11-week old bundle of affection. In her youth, she had more endurance than most bulldogs, walking the two and a half miles around nearby Lake Nokomis. At the off leash at the dog park, she would stay on the path while other dogs dashed into the woods. Instead, she’d veer in front of other dog owners and wouldn’t let them pass until they petted her.

She has become a fixture in the yearly Powderhorn Park Mayday Parade as the Bulldog in the Tutu. Kids coming for candy at Halloween will ask for her, looking to see what costume she’s wearing.

Now that she’s an old lady bulldog, she spends much of her time napping. Late in the afternoon, she loves to sit by the front door, barking at any dog who dares walk pass the house. “You kids got off my lawn,” she tells them. She’s never demanded cuddles, but still loves to hang out wherever we are – the presence of both of us is required. At night, her snores help us drift off to sleep.

I am happy to say that except for some arthritis, she’s in generally good health, knock on wood. We are so lucky to be celebrating her 13th birthday on January 28th. We think she’s the best dog in the world.