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Month of Award: 
December, 2012

We are excited to have Fatboy as December’s Bulldog of the Month. This definitely calls for a celebration; extra booty scratches and doggy biscuits because these are his favorite!  Fatboy came into our lives on June 18th, 2010 as a nine week pudgy little pup.  Therefore we had to name him Fatboy aka Fattie.  He was so chunky.  He couldn’t hold himself up while sitting on the hardwood floor.  He also couldn’t get himself off his back when we did this thing called “the puppy roll”.  Poor puppy…his humans would always catch him off guard and roll him on his back just for their amusement. 

And now he’s two years old.  Fatboy is the first dog we’ve ever owned together.  He is also our first bully.  He has only been with us for two years, but we cannot imagine life without him.  Since he came into our lives, we now know what it is like to have “bully fever”.  He’s there with us every day.  If we go on walks, he’s there.  If we go on vacation, he’s there.  If we leave the room, he’s on our heels.  If we go to use the restroom…well he tries to be there.  And when God decides to take him over the bridge, our sweet boy will always be there in our hearts.  But until then, our Fatboy will continue to bring joy and laughter into our lives with his crazy antics.