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Month of Award: 
October, 2012

Thank you so much for the honor of Bulldog of the Month, Vern is both honored and humbled!

Vernon is our first bulldog and he will be 2 years old in November.  He is a very charming and loving boy, extremely devoted to me….he is never more than a few feet away; usually touching me if he can.  Vern often comes to work with me and is a great ambassador for our beloved breed – he is polite and allows us to introduce and educate people to the many facets of Bulldogs.

Vern is my first bulldog and has ignited a passion in me for the breed.  I have had many different breeds since my childhood, from Shitzhus, Spinone Italianos, Labradors to Schnauzers and I can say Bulldogs are MY breed!  Since bringing him home I have become an avid collector of Bulldog-related knowledge and have become a foster momma for my local rescue group.  Vern has been very sweet and accepting of the 3 fosters that we have had so far – he is understanding and even willingly shares his bones and toys. 

My family and I love our Vern more than we ever could have imagined!  That is the wonderful thing about Bulldogsworld – we are all united in our love for our precious bullies.  I strongly encourage all of you to please do everything you can to help promote and support our Bulldogs – educate, donate, volunteer!

Vern & Teresa