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Month of Award: 
September, 2012

Thanks so much for making Tucker Bulldog of the Month for September, he is honored and so are we! After living in our home for a couple of years we knew we wanted to get a dog and after some research decided that a bulldog was the breed for us. After finding a reputable breeder we found ourselves falling in love with a little bully we named Tucker. We brought Tucker home in July 2010 and he turned two in April. Tucker is an absolute joy and is the perfect fit for our family. He is very energetic and we always joke that we don't think he read the bulldog handbook because he has so much energy. He loves to play with people and other dogs and has always been very social. Tucker enjoys going for walks and running free at the dog park as well as going to the beach among other things including eating, sunbathing, and stealing tennis balls from other dogs. We love the wiggle of his bum when he greets us and the sound of his snore when he's sleeping. Tucker has filled a void we didn't know we had and we wouldn't trade him for anything! We love you Tucker!Katie, David and Olivia