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Winnie and Kilmore

Month of Award: 
December, 2011

Winnie decided she wanted to be with her brother Kilmore.  It has been a rough 5 weeks.  Kilmore passed away, then we find out Winnie has liver and bone cancer.  We could tell Winnie was not feeling well yesterday, but she ate, drank, and was going out on her own.  She had a restless night and was sick a couple times thoughout the night.  I told my husband before he left his morning that I felt like we both needed to stay home today.  She didn't want to eat or drink this morning either, but we agreed to she what today brought.  We both knew a decision was going to have to be made soon.  I managed to get ready for trying to go into work even for half a day, but Winnie wasn't doing well.  I had to call my husband and told him to get home.  Tried calling the vet to have someone get to our house to help her visit Kilmore with ease.  By the time I got the call back from the vet Winnie had already passed.  We went from two great dogs to no dogs in our house.  Having only one was adjustment, but none is going to be a lot harder.  We had two great bulldogs and couldn't have asked for any better.   Winnie was my snuggle buddy and her daddy's baby girl.  Winnie and Kilmore will always have a special place in our hearts and will be missed.

Give all your bullies hugs and kisses!