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Month of Award: 
November, 2011

Thank you so much for choosing Oliver as bulldog of the month. We are really honored. Oliver came to live with us as my replacement puppy for Sebastian since Sebastian has pulmonic stenosis. Oliver has gone through obedience classes on his way to becoming a Certified Therapy Dog. He will be able to take that test after he turns a year old in December. Oliver is such a good boy. He is a huge cuddler and mama's boy! He has the perfect temperment for therapy. He is so laid back and mellow and nothing really fazes him! He loves his squeaky toys, the more noise they make the better. He is very gentle with his stuffies and his favorite treat in the whole world is... oh, heck anything he can get, who am I kidding? My family is blessed to belong to two such loving bullies as Oliver and, of course, his brother Sebastian!!