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Month of Award: 
June, 2011

Cain, or Little Man, came to us two years ago in May.  He is a rescue and my first foster bulldog.  You would never know that he spend his first two years with another family because he fit into our lives like he was always ours so the only thing to do was adopt him and make it official!

He has no idea how much he makes us smile, just with his silly faces, or his "wake the dead" snoring.  There are times that he spends the whole night trying to get us to play with him and then there are the nights where he simply jumps up on top of you to take a puppy nap with his best friends.  We love him so much and thank God every day that we were brought together that beautiful day in May.

Thank you so much for honoring my boy, Cain!

Annie in NY with Zoey and Cain