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Month of Award: 
April, 2011

Maude came to our family in December of 2006.  While I wanted to add a dog to our family, I was not keen on a bulldog; I was thinking of a golden.  But my husband had previously had a bulldog that he adored and wanted another.  Maude was to be his birthday present IF we met her and her mother (and breeders) and liked how she looked.  Well, all it took was one look for me to fall head over heels for Maude.  She was absolutely the cutest puppy I'd ever seen and her mother was sweet and gorgeous!  As we headed to our car, Maude's mom followed us as if to say, "Take good care of my baby."  And we do and we always will.  She puts the "D" in Diva and at the same time she is a huge Delight.  She has been with us through heartaches and happiness.  Maude believes that our guests come to see her, not us.  And she's probably right.  She stole our hearts that very first day and we have yet to recover them.