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Month of Award: 
December, 2010

I’m so honored that Tuffy has been selected as Bulldog of the Month! I’d always dreamt of owning a bulldog.  There’s just something about their sweet, wrinkly faces, burly physiques and funny personalities that captured my heart.  After we rang in the New Year in 2010, we welcomed Tuffy McTuffster to his forever home and he’s become such a wonderful part of our family.  Whenever Tuffy gazes up at me with his gentle brown eyes , I can’t resist stroking his soft, velvety head and giving him a big, bear hug. He has such a fun temperament and plays tug of war incessantly. When he finally wears himself out, he snuggles by our feet and lets out the cutest snorts when we rub his ears and scratch his belly.  Tuffy enjoys romping with all three of our kids, but he is totally fixated on our 11-year-old daughter. Whenever she’s home, he’s glued to her side and  loves to lavish her with slobbery kisses.  We celebrated Tuffy’s first birthday on October 28th, and I hope that he will be brightening our lives for many years to come!! - Kim and Tuffy