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Mr. Higgins

Month of Award: 
November, 2010

Mr. Higgins came to me at 8 weeks of age, after losing my first bully at a young age.. From the beginning it was apparent what a sweet boy he is.  Together he and I have taken 5 training courses and he absolutely lives to please me. He loves people,( to the point of being conceited) animals, the outdoors, riding in the car and compulsively chewing his toys. His outgoing personality is what sets him apart from other dogs in my area and he is known personally everywhere. This lovely boy is six years old now and although he has suffered many health issues, he is healthy now and will live to be an old boy for sure. I have had a tremendous amount of advice and support from  BDW during difficult times and am very thankful.

-Deborah and Mr. Higgins