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Month of Award: 
June, 2010

I purchased Kofi in total ignorance. I knew very little about bulldogs, and had never even been a dog person. My grandson got a bulldog that stole my heart at first meeting. i got on the internet (ugh) and found site that eventually brought me Kofi. It was an ordeal, and that part I would never recommend. Kofi came to me from Russia....I believe she was taken from her mother too soon, and she was a handful. I found BDW in true desperation, and with the help and the wonderful advice and support I received here, Kofi came to be the treasure of my life. She makes each day such a pleasure! She is by my side each of her waking moments that I am home. A very sincere thanks to all of you here who have led me along to the point I'm at today.........A bulldog mum who's so very proud to be owned by her bully.