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Bulldogs World Remembers


A Memorial to friends and family who are no longer with us.


"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go......
Others come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts, And we are never, ever the same.."


In Loving Memory of Steven M. Breda - Texas - September 5, 2004


A Memorial to friends and family who are no longer with us.


"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world."

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go......
Others come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts, And we are never, ever the same.."


In Loving Memory of Steven M. Breda - Texas - September 5, 2004

Steven Steven Graduated High School in June 2002 and was my oldest grandson and was the one who would always come over and take care of the kids when we were away. He loved all animals and had a way with animals. I never saw a animal turn away from him. I know he crossed that Rainbow Bridge and is playing with all the bullies and critters that have passed over the bridge..

When I think of Stevie, the thoughts that cross my mind are admiration, pride and regret. I admired him so much for how uncomplicated a life he lead. It was nice to watch him enjoy the things that mattered to him, like his video games, going to work and reading his books. Outside of that, he didn't require much more. We should all lead from his example to value and appreciate the things in our lives that make us happy.

As Stevie started growing up, he was the one I worried about. I couldn't help thinking whether he would be able to hold his own in the world. When I heard he got a job, I was so proud of him and he set my concerns at ease. His job gave him the one thing none of us could independence. With that, he took the step he needed to get out in the world. The fact that he had no transportation of his own didn't stop him. Once he had a purpose to get out and explore the world, he was a hard one to keep at home. After that you were lucky if you saw his shadow passing by. In Loving Memory of Steven M. Breda - Texas - September 5, 2004 And, it was his shadow that I saw most of the time when he would stop by to visit with us and the bullies.. These are the regrets that I have -- the missed opportunities for family get-togethers or just catching up on how everyone is doing. If this tragedy teaches us anything it should be to bind a family tighter, visit more and love stronger.

I don't know why this terrible thing has happened and it is not my place to judge. But if I had to think about it, I'm sure God needed him for a very important task -- possibly to be guardian angel for our family. I would be very honored and we should all be so fortunate. We could all go crazy with the why's and how comes so I just try to think of Stevie. And, every time I do, I will always smile because I am only able to picture Stevie with that sweet, wonderful smile on his face. Steven you are missed... TX JUDY/KIDS


In Loving Memory of Sonia Lukiw - Bridgewater, NJ - December 22, 2004

Sonia my dear sweet friend, you were taken so quickly from us. I know you are in heaven, surrounded by your beloved pets you lost so long ago. I miss you terribly; you made me laugh everyday and your kindness was overwhelming. Our love of bulldogs brought us together, and a wonderful friendship followed.


When the sun shines in Florida, I will see your brilliant smile; when the rain pours, I will feel your tears for us, and a new star is twinkling in the sky, your eyes shining down brightly upon us all.

Rest in peace my friend; you will always have a special place in my heart. I promise to watch over your family, Casey, and your beloved bulldog Stanley always.

With much love, Cathy, Hut & Zimmer Kittell


In loving memory of my best friend Daniela Stephan, Bischofsheim, Germany

01.01.1971- 02.22.1989

She wasn't just my best friend but she was my only true friend. We were so close, we were closer then sisters could be. People would say we were even closer then twins.

We could talk for hours on end yet understand each other without words as well. We would get together every day, and call each other several times each day as well, never running out of things to say and share.

How much fun we had together, so much laughter. Always we were laughing, people would stare at us, not understanding. The memories are still so fresh and I smile now as I think of her. We had so much in common, both of us loving animals, but not allowed to have any pets. We often went to animal shelters, to walk the dogs or play with the cats.

As we grew into young ladies, our friendship only deepened and grew. In those difficult teenager years, we could always depend on one another. Her family was not supportive of her and her stepfather was scary and physically as well as emotionally abusive. Those weren't always easy times back then, yet together we could laugh despite it all. We had each other to turn to. We were true soul mates.

It seems like yesterday, when she called me on that Wednesday evening. She was getting ready to go out, while I stayed home feeling sick. We talked on the phone for a long time that evening and made plans to get together the next day.

Then came the call, late that same night. It was Danielas aunt, the only person in her family that ever really cared about her. She was crying and kept asking me, if it was truly me on the phone (she thought I had been with Daniela that night, as we were always together), then she talked to my mother. I was confused, as I watched my mother starting to cry. I started to shake and feel a terrible fear growing inside of me. Then my mom told me that Daniela got hit by a car as she crossed a dark and busy road. Then my mother avoided my eyes, and wouldn't say itand I didn't ask.

I made plans that sleepless night as I laid in bed, about buying flowers, presents and going to visit Daniela in the hospital, surely she was badly hurt but would be alright When I finally faced the reality that she had passed away, I felt so empty. Many times I picked up the phone to dial her number, like I had done so many times before, only to look at the receiver in my hand and put it back down. After the funeral I remember sitting in my room, not knowing for the world of me what I should do right then and there.

We were special friends. We often talked about how we would still sit around as little old ladies, still giggling about everything. How we would watch each others children grow up, and how we would always be there for one anotherno matter what might come our way.

Often I sit in my quiet house at night, and miss her terribly. It's been almost 16 years now, and it doesn't seem possible that so much time has passed. I think of her almost daily and she is often in my dreams at night.

I shared a lifetime of laughter and friendship with her in those short years, and for that I am very grateful. True friends really are far and between, and are precious to behold.

I only wish she was still here, and we could talk and laugh together, share our joys and heartaches, our secrets and our lives. And one day sit around, as little old women, still giggling about everything and everyone.

I haven't talked about her to anyone in a very long time and thank you for the opportunity to express my love for my dear friend Daniela, whom I still miss dearly. It was nice to write about the true and precious friendship we have shared.

God speed, my dear friend. Lucy Howard (Lu) wishes to express it's deepest condolences to the family and friends of the wonderful people above who are now at rainbow bridge. This memorial is for anyone who is a member of Bulldogsworld who has lost someone, whether it was a friend or a family member, or a well known member of the bulldog community. As long as the person was associated with someone from BDW. This is a "tribute" to that special person who is no longer with us.

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