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Is A Bulldog A Healthy Breed?


Bulldogs are about as healthy as any other short nosed breed. It really goes back to your initial investment. Make sure to use a reliable breeder with a proven record of healthy Bulldogs and one who will offer you a written breeders contract. In general Bulldogs are healthy and many only go to the vet for there check ups and shots. Any breed may have some minor problems and the Bulldog is no exception to that. Bulldogs do have special needs which must be meet. They don't do well in the heat and they are not the breed to go for a 10 mile morning run with you. The must be kept cool and not over exerted. They also have so special breeding and whelping needs. It's always best to choose a dog that fit your lifestyle. Bulldogs in general don't swim well. There is many completely health Bulldogs around the world today. The average life of the breed is about 10. Of course this can be longer with the proper diet, exercise and routine vet care.

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