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Would it be possible to enlarge the type size in posted messages?

I find the smaller type difficult to read.  It would help to have all type in "bold".

I'm continuing to struggle with posting pics & in general I find the new forum very frustrating.  We've lost sooooo very many posters.  What a shame!  And for what?!?  I see no advantage or improvement in the new format.  Who actually "owns" BDW?  Is money involved?  Is that why changes were made?

I've enjoyed posting here over the past 5 yrs and so it seems sad to me to see the sudden & certain decline of BDW.  The board may continue but it's not the same board & I doubt that it will ever really recover...


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font sizes increased / should look same as old forum

Let me know if you still see the fonts on this forum as smaller than the old forum.

Re: bolding the font by default, not all members may want this - you can override site fonts on your computer if you would like though ( http://www.rosecitysoftware.com/change-text-size.html ).

If you're having trouble with image uploading, don't hesitate to Contact Ari - [email protected] - and he can help get things straightened out.


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