It took a long time to get on this morning plus

going from post to post is taking way too long.  It is also happening when go to the other Medical forum.

Hope you can speed it up. Thanks Jo Ann


Jo Ann

what time? Our hosting company was performing maintenance...

We received notice yesterday from our hosting company was performing maintenance in the early morning today, resulting in a potentially temporary slowdown.

Yes, early this morning

Would have been between  7 am and 10:30 ish  New York time

By the way you guys did a great job and may I add a huge job of setting up this board so it was more comfortable for all of us to use.  Thanks for putting up with us during this time of transition.


Jo Ann

Thanks :)

Thank you! It looks like you must have been accessing the forum at the same time of the maintenance - I take it the speed has improved since then?