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How to turn off the "Rich Text Editor" (I.e. where you type messages)

There are two editors available on this forum:

1) The "Rich Text" editor - enables you to preview what the final post will look like (i.e. show pictures, bold text, etc...)

2) The "Plain Text" editor - only shows you the code of your final posts (i.e. "Only plain text")

This is the rich text editor:

224 Picture-1.png

You can temporarily turn off the rich text editor by clicking the "Disable rich-text" link below it. Clicking that link enabled the plain text editor:

225 plain-text-editor.png

If you don't like the rich text editor, you can set the plain text editor as the default editor. To do this, first go into your profile settings - the link located in the top right area of the forum:

226 EditYourProfile.png

Clicking the "edit your profile" link will bring you to the edit profile page:

227 Account_settings.png

On the edit profile page, under "Confirm Password", there will be a little arrow, with text beside it which reads "Wysiwyg Editor Settings". Click this text in order to expand the text editor settings (Wysiwyg = "What You See Is What You Get")

228 wysiwyg-settings.png
Once you have expanded the "Wysiwyg Editor Settings", uncheck the box beside "Filtered HTML".

Then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Save"

229 save-message.jpg


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