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Admins: People can't seem to do the SURVEY...

Unless you're shomar shabbas, you need to fix the problem. Thanks!

I had to log out and then go back in.

It worked after that. But when I logged out and tried to go back in later it would not accept my password.

Once again I logged out and was able to get back in.


Jan and the bullies

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Everyone just needs to log in and they will see it:)

Let us know if there are any problems - but I saw it posted by Stephanie, are you having problems posting?


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I'm not having problems right now, but...

I've heard from a lot of people who are having problems – persistant problems. They are about to give up and go elsewhere. This shouldn't be so hard for people to do and if this continues thy'll go elsewhere.  Note that the fellow who does the SURVEY, a Bulldogsworld tradition, was not able to get on to poet the survy and then someone else couldn't get on to answer it. Some people say that they have to try to log on once, get refused and then it works the second time. Other say that they simply can't get on.

Is there anyway to eleminate the log-on requirment? Do you need more details about the problems? If so,, I'll try to get them.

This is a very important webside and you guys need to keep it easy to use as well as filled with important info.

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Ari and Nate, easier said than done guys.

I have also had issues getting on and posting at times. Lots of people are having issues getting on and posting. Look guys, we know you are trying, and you are doing ok, but BDW is too important to have lost more than half its regular posters because of issues with this new site and the ability, or lack thereof, to post or read or whatever. If you want any readership (which of course trasnlates to $) then I suggest you figure it out.

I am having a VERY difficult time reading this format. I have to squint a lot and the page has TOO much on it. This has been a main point of contention with so many, yet there is NO change. Please take off the right margin stuff and put it somewhere else. I know who I am and that I am logged in, I don't need nor want to see me there:-) And it is too much...just let the posts be on the page, nothing else. That would save these old eyes some trouble, and will advance my desire to remain on the site.

Also, I received a personal message today...that was dated May 27th. Are you kidding me? It took 2 days to get to my message place? This isn't at all efficiant and something truly needs to be done.


Amy and Sophia

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