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Zapper goes to the vet today

over the last year is has become more difficult for him to walk. X-rays showed very bad bone spurs in his front shoulders. His vet said surgery was an option but advised against it. He told me most surgeries for bone spurs eventually end up making things worse.

I carry him up and down the steps and around the house as much as I can. Every now and then he will jump up in the office chair and wait for me to help him up on the desk :)

I hate to see my lil buddy struggling to walk but he seems to be happy and content otherwise so I just spoil him like always and he eats it up :)





Oh Zapper.............

good luck at the vet.  So sorry to hear this and I hope something can help.


  Miss you sweet boy Otie (July 29, 2013)



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Maybe some pain killers will help.

Kisses to Zapper.

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ay zapper...as adorable as

ay zapper...as adorable as ever...i hope he gets better...

smoochies the scrunchy face

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aww....look at that SWEET face!!! So sorry to hear about

his bone spurs...poor guy!  So blessed to have a wonder-bull Dad like you!  (( hugs ))


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Aw Zap

Hang in there buddy.

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Thanks everybody.. he got a shot of Adequan today

and I'll give him 3 more shots of it once a week over the next three weeks. Then we go back to the vet.

He has taken Rymadil on and off before but I don't like to give that to him very long because it can casue liver damage.

Doc says he has had very good success with Adequan so we'll just have to wait now.





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Hope the adequan works for him...

we have used Tramadol in the past with no side effects.  Two of our guys had bad reactions to rimadyl.

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I've used Tramadol before too Kathy

Doc says he has a lot of positive results with Adequan so we are going that route this time.




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A good read on Adequan..





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Adequan is great stuff

definitely worth trying.  Infact I'm not sure why I haven't put MacKenzie on Adequan.

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awww Zapper

Hope the medicine helps him feel better. 

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oh zap

man! hope they can help you some........hugs pal!



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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Oh Zapper...

I am so sorry that he is having trouble..  Prayers that a new medication will help!!


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