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This year's Sea Witch Festival was special. We had 2 full days...

of awesome weather. We had over 20 bullies to help with our kissing booth and Pumpkin/Bully Patch. It was fun fun fun for all.

Exactly who's tongue is that?!

My goodness, some people give the wettest kisses!
Oh well, our bullies tolerate it well.

As that last day wore on the bullies were winded and ready for a nap...

Special thanks to Daisy, Drake, Dahli, Pippy, Zoey, and the many others that did such a remarkable job for us.

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Great Pics!!!

What fun you all must have had. I'm in Delaware, I need to go to the Sea Witch Fest next year. My Stoney is a good kisser :)


Peggy and Stoney

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Absolutely wonderful pics!

Wish I could have been there.  Mind you, I'd be very poor right now with so many sweet bullies at the kissing booth.  Thanks so much for sharing those!


love the pics thanks for sharing!

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fantastic pictures! thank you.



Mack 'n' Tillie Mae Mack



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