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When are people going to get it?!

How frightening. Poor woman, and the two others who were attached are lucky they are alive. Gotta do something about those dogs. I know there is a faction who love them, but I rescued one and had to put him down because he became violent after he got well. I just won't trust another one anywhere around me.


Amy and Sophia

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I hear ya Amy..

it's blantantly obvious this breed "is what it is" and there's no way to sugar coat it. I refuse to be around anyone that owns one.




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I am the same way...

I won't go to someone's house if they have one, nor will I strike up a conversation with someone walking one. I don't like them, they are dangerous, and it doesn't matter who disagrees with me! I have personal experience that I go by in my own life and will stand on what I know!


Amy and Sophia

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Experiences are key

when an individual makes a decision about a breed. I have personally not had a bad experience with a pitbull and have known several who were wonderful dogs, in fact my grand niece has a beautiful pitbull bitch, Rizzo, that is super sweet, docile and cowered in fear to my sisters Bulldog Cleo. Cleo can be a nasty bitch to other dogs.

While I have been known to turn around and walk the other way or go to the opposite side of the street from a pit I will never condone banning a breed for the complete lack of responsibility of humans. They came into this world because of humans and those that are bad continue to be a dangerous nuisance because of human irresponsibility. These people should be held legally accountable.

The dogs running in packs should be caught and not returned to irresponsible owners. Then decisions should be made on each individual dog as to their temperment and if euthanasia is best for that dog.

Breed Ban IMO is wrong ... it opens up a door for all those anti pet activists like PETA, who would love to have our bulldog breed banned as well. So sometimes just remember what you wish for, might just turn out to backfire on the innocent breeds like ours. Other breeds like the Dobermen, German Shepherd, Akitas, etc. would also be on the destruction list.

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No, I don't condone banning a breed either....

I only stated I would never own nor be around a pitbull. I believe some of them can be ok, but I fear the majority are not so much. So I prefer to have no interactions with them, to be on the safe side.


Amy and Sophia

Thank you Deb.

I personally have had the experience of people being scared of my English Bulldogs just because they thought this breed looked threatening, and they cross the street. I have lost count of how many people over the years I've met who Don't even now the difference between what a Bulldog or Pitbull looks like. I have had other Bulldog parents tell me they have experienced the same thing.

Even some Landlords want to ban English Bulldog breeds from housing.

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That's a good point

When I say I have a "bulldog" people sometimes just hear the "bull" part and they categorize my boy in the same way. That's a good point. Some people are just as scared by a gentle bulldog than by a pitbull. I have definitely experienced this. Thanks for reminding everyone.


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

I have a problem with the despicable peope who abuse Pitbulls.

I despise the Michael Vick's of the world who abuse dogs in dog fighting, and all others who mistreat this breed.

When I think of Pitbulls, Lilly The Hero Pitbull from Massachusetts comes to mind. She was rescued from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, and she pulled her Mom off the train tracks, according to the train conductor,and saved her Mom's life. Lilly was struck by the train, and is now a Tripawd.

Others Pitbulls that come straight to my mind are brother puppy siblings, Jermaine who is the seeing-eye guide dog to his blind brother, Jeffrey. They were rescued, homeless off the streets of Philadelphia.

Another amazing Pitbull is Mama Jade from Tennessee who was tortured but is so super sweet and trusting.

And who can forget how Puppy Doe in Massachusetts whom was recently tortured and died at the hands of a Monster.

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Thnq eileen for mentioning

Thnq eileen for mentioning some great pits out there!

my ex was a breeder many yrs ago and at one time we

had seven-one or two did have their temperments but

the rest were complete mush...and like any breed there

are some exceptions!

i too had people scared if my archie thinking he looked