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Winnie started doing something odd last night

she ate dinner around 5 last night. Then around 9 we were playing with her and all of a sudden she started licking her lips uncontrolably. we thought maybe she had hair/dust in her throat so we gave her water and some kibble and she did fine with it. It went on for about an hour before she stopped. This morning she threw up bile- then ate and acted like her normal self. Bowl movements are normal. She was fine all day. Fed her dinner at 5 and around 5:45 she did the lip licking and burping for about 15 minutes and has now stopped and seems fine. When I feel her stomach she doesn't flinch, her tounge and gums look normal. Any suggestions? She's been on the same food for months ad is only outside on a leash when we walk her.

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Maybe she has a bit of an upset tummy

Try feeding her a bland diet - boiled chicken and rice - for a couple of days.  Then put her back on her food.

In my experience, a little tummy ache won't stop a bully from eating their meal.  They'll just go ahead and do it anyway even if it makes them sick.

That's all I can think of given her behavior so far...

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Acid reflux?

Maybe some acid is coming up so she is continuously swallowing to keep it down. Molly recently started vomitting bile in the morning and on the advice of people here and the vet, I gave her pepcid for about a week with some food before bedtime.  She hasn't vomited since.  

Hope she feels better soon! 


I know what exactly your

I know what exactly your talking about. My bully does this too. Try doing this when you notice her doing that again. Take a towel, rag, papper towel etc... wipe the wrinkles around her noes and the sides of the nose very good. If that didn't help and you notice her doing it again. Wet the towel or rag in warm water and wipe in the same area. This should work after afew times or so. keep doing the wet towel method till you noitce she's not doing it as much as before. What it is,,,, is that she has something in her nose and she can't sneeze it out or her nose it's dry. That's what it was with my Bully. It's kinda like us having an itch on or in our nose. My Molley did this exact samething, I'll I did was wipe her nose with a wet towel and that helped her. She no longer does this. Cleand that area daily and always keep that area around her nose clean. Am pretty sure that will help your bully. I hope this trick helps ya out.

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