Why won't my puppy settle at night?

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, so you'll just have to bear with me whilst I get used to it. I have a 21 week old bulldog pup, who won't settle at night, he goes for 2 walks a day, when my husband and myself go to bed he settles for about 3/4 hours then he's wide awake and yapping and barking till we go down and shut him up. We have 2 other dogs (Chihuahuas), he'll settle with one of them, not both, one of my Chihuahuas will not settle with him. If I separate the Chihuahuas then they start howling cos they've been together for so long(2years). My neighbours are staring to moan and threatening to ring council if he doesn't shut up. Both my husband and myself work, but the longest the dogs are left is 2 hours, I work most evenings and my husband is a postman so is normally home shortly after I leave. Any ideas or advice on what to do??

Because you taught him

that if he fusses enough, he gets your attention. Works perfectly for him. Where and how are you containing him and the Chi's?


Lynn King CPDT-KA