which is the best food

Is Candidae or taste of wild good food to feed a puppy bulldog 


Rodney willis

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Rodney check below

There was a whole discussion about this topic yesterday. Folks had lots of suggestions. Maybe you'll find some ideas there.

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Like she said

Check below. I was asking myself about foods. I can tell u that you should watch the protein levels and stuff tho. Some are really high like blue wilderness I think which is good food but some say the protein level is high like 40% and could cause problems with a growin bulldog pup. I'm no nutritionist just my 2 cents. A lot of people say stay under 28% or so.. I chose merrick for my switch. It's lamb and brown rice and apple. I chose it for the protein level 25% and also has a good glucosamine level for joint health. But like I said I'm not the all knowing by any means.. Good luck 


-Sherm was here. 

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Protein ... agree .... keep around 25%

40% is way too high for a bulldog. That would be good for a working breed or hunting breed that is going all day.

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The best food

is what works best for your dog. Not all dogs are alike.

Both of those foods are good. I think Canidae now has a grain free variety. I fed Canidae for years, with no issues. TOTW (Pacific Stream) did not work for one of my dogs. If she gets too much salmon oil she pukes, so I suspect the fish is just too rich for her.

I feed raw and they all get large 7-10in sardines (fishsicles) in the summer as treats and those don't bother her.

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