What's the best food?

With all the names out there for best bulldog food. I don't know who to believe for the best bulldog food brand. Can any bully owners give me some insight on the best food for my bully? or what you've been feeding your bully?. What's the Best bulldog brand to give my Molley? she's 4yrs old now. Just want what is the BEST out there for this breed of dog. What am feeding her now isn't a problem for me or her. But than agian it could just be from hand feeding every meal. My "wife" babies her. It's annoying watching her hand fed Molley...  I use to feed Molley Canin Royal bulldog 24 for the first 3 years of her life, but I decided to switched to another brand Innova Prime, she's been on this brand for about year now. I guess if the Innova Prime isn't causing any issue for her that's ok? is that right? The reason that I switch food on her is that Canin Royal gave her gas and I just didn't see it helping her as much as Innova Prime has. Innova Prime put some mussles on her and some wieght. she looks healther than when she was on Canin Royal. I could be wrong, That's why am asking for your insights about the best food out there for all bullies. Thanks everyone. Thinks web sight has helped me get some important info about Bulldogs. Like finding out you can feed them raw meat or finding out that bulldogs can't really swim and not to leave your bully around deep water, which I've been doing with my Molley. I thought all Bulldogs can swim. It' explains way my Molley struggles to swim along with me, Lol.. so I'll stop! teaching her how to swim. Poor girl, Bad master!

Thanks everyone. Aude` and Molley

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Royal Canine IMO

is crap. Keep her on Innova if she is doing well on it.

Yes.. I agree

Yes... I agree that Royal Canin is crap, it was making my bully shed alot, it was one reason why I moved her to a differant food brand. Thanks for your comment

my food experience with Gracie

She was eating Nutro chicken and she was itchy all time, her butt, her ears....felt so bad for her. I knew that she needed to be on grain freee dog food. Her eyes were watery and her coat was rough. she has an extremely sensitive stomach too so any extra bit of food (table food) we gave her affected her. I decided no more table food except a little peanut butter here and there. I did a ton of research and finally decided on Natures Variety Instinct - limited ingredient Lamb. She has done amazing with it. It's very expensive but completely worth it. I really saw a difference within 2 weeks. Amazing dog food. But, every bulldog is different. You have to try it out to see if it agrees with them. It takes time. I had tried the California Natural Lamb kibble and she threw up for 3 days. Other people have had great luck with it. It all depends on your bully. Best of Luck!

Dooley is using this same food.

After trying many different brands.  We decided on this.  Coat, Skin, Poop all good at this time.



Dooley looks sOO... cut and nice. Looks just like mine but with less brown. Thanks for the insight on the food. I guess if it's not broken don't fix it. My Molley likes the food she's on. I just thought I'd try to find something better than what she's on now. Anyways thank alot.


My bully was the same way. I don't give her table food because than she wont eat her food? it took me almost a month to get to eat her food again. She can be a bitch sometime. No pun intended. Thanks for the insight.

Living in Canada we decided ...

to go with a Canadian food company, Petcurean. The one we use is made in Calgary, is totally grain free and is called Now. They make a number of different foods. Phoebe has done exceptionally well on this food. NO itching, hot spots, good stool and by her eagerness for meal time loves it.


From some of the comments I got back. I guess what am feeding my bully is just the perfect food brand. I thought there might be something else better than what I was feeding her. thanks for your comment.

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Carol -- "Now" was the last dog food

I fed and IMO it is a quality food. Made by a good company that is small and has a pretty good regulation of the quality of product it produces. I had great luck with "Now".