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What to use on Kevins nose wrinkle

Hi guys, I clean Kevins wrinkles couple of times a week (with dog wipes) but just today I noticed it looks abit dry and flaking. Would a dab of vaseline in there help it at all?


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Maybe a dab of Desitin diaper ointment

It could get too moist with the vaseline. I use Desitin on Sophie for her tail pocket and nose wrinkles when tehy get yucky on her.


Amy and Sophia

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believe it or not a dab of

believe it or not a dab of canestan did wonders for my archie

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Thanks guys

Ill pick some up :)

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A couple of suggestions

If they're just dry, I found that Aquaphore was great for my girl. Awesome also for a dry nose - which she had.

If they are a bit raw and red, the diaper ointment is great. Get the unscented if you can. My girl didn't like the smell of the "regular", the perfume was quite strong.