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What happens when.....................

You mix a bulldog with whatever is on your plate at dinner time? Feed 'em? Don't feed 'em? Give 'em something else? Do you get a stink eye if you don't? Do they pout and point their butt at you? What happens at your house? Tell! Tell!

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Sophia never begs from me. She is relentless with her daddy!

That little dog can make that big ol grown man feel so completely guilty for no reason in the world! She will sit rught up under him when he is in the kitchen doing anything, and will move to within inches of him and looks adoringly up at him and just pleads and begs and pleads! She ALWAYS gets her way, except with potato chips but that's only becasue she is allergic to them! 

Our other dogs don't stand a chance, my hubby ignores them. But it is impossible to ignore Sophie when she moves with every single step he takes or move her makes, she is there. Begging.....


Amy and Sophia

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I give in

Annie eats when we eat. She  has severe allergies and eats a homecooked diet so I just feed her when we eat; otherwise she would cry and bark. She's so spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We are suckers...

Both dogs get treats when we are cooking like veggies etc.  But they are caged up while we are eating.

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if you are anything like my

if you are anything like my archie new exactly who to play,lol,she was a sucker for "the eyes",never failed!
ofcourse my parents tended to mistake my archie for a human
b/c apart from always cooking up a storm she would always give him human food and we're not talking about a taste...i caught her a few times when she would be giving a full bowl of seconds!

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I'm a mean mommy - we have never given him food from our plate.

If we eat at the table, he just lays down next to one of our chairs.  If we eat at the coffee table (which we do often), Chef will always sniff around, then bring us a ball or toy to play with.  LOL.   Once we ignore him he just lays down next to the coffee table.

I can leave food on the coffee table and say run to the kitchen for something and all he will do is sniff around.  He has never tried to take anything off the plate.

Sometimes we will give him stuff while we are cooking.  But we always put it in his bowl and not feed him from the counter.    The other day DH was trimming some steaks and Chef went over to his bowl and sat down.  I guess he knew he would get the scraps.


Chef D's Mug Shot

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Penelope is spoiled so she get her way

She doesn't bother me some much, she just sits there with those big beautiful eyes an at the end of it she gets her share, but my girl friend or my mom, she is all over
She'll stand beside the dinner table an grunt an some time bark an if you don't pay attention to her she'll spring straight up into the air so she can see what's on the table an lets you know she is there....
She is so spoiled she get a little taste of everything unless it's bad for her or she has issues with it in the past. The little princess get what she


Cory & Penelope

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That is one thing we have never done

We have NEVER fed Dread people food especially from the table.  He is such an ornery cuss that, once we fed him from the tablet, he would never leave us alone!  He has had the occassional boiled chicken when he has an upset belly or cheese for training purposes, but never, ever has he had people food.  He doesn't even beg...just sniffs around.


**********"Life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink"**********

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Maybull gets a taste of everything

OK, she's 13-years old. So, I indulge here. She get's a couple of bites of everything we eat (unless it's bad for dogs) after we eat. Tonight she had about 1/2 ucp of rice , 1/4 cup of greens and a couple of bites of chicken. She's an old girl, and I'm not going to deny her special treats.

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Good for you, Steph!

She's an absolute sweetheart and deserves to be treated like a queen. I'm sure she enjoys the extra goodies you guys lovingly give her!

I'm a mean mom also...Dooley goes to his place, a blanket

on the floor.  He stays there until we are done eating.  If I didn't do that,  I would easily give in to the pathetic mug staring at me.  HAHA