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What do you mean I have paint on my face??

Winston SWEARS he did not touch the wet paint while we were painting the kitchen last night...just like the classic video of the little kid who got in to the chocolate syrup, the evidence says otherwise...and I'm not buying his sweet and innocent act.

He acted like he was being TORTURED when we washed off his face after the picture...ha! :)


Shannon and Winston :)

My swimming bully buddy!

My swimming bully buddy!

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hahahaha...he trying hard not

hahahaha...he trying hard not to break!
smoochies the scrunchy face

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That is hilarious

He`s got that look, I got no idea what your talking about.


Cory & Penelope

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he is so darn cute,,, we painted my 5 year olds bedroom on the weekend and Miss Lucy was COVERED!!! Silly dogs gotta love em!


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I didn't do nuffin. That paint there just jumped right onto my manly jowl!!

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"but....but....Mommyyy....wook at my INNOCENT, beauti-bull

HUGE eyes......don't they scream "INNOCENT"  to you?  :-)   Seriously though, that is a GREAT

shot of his eyes.....just TOO sweet!  When Meaty wooks at me with his eyes so huge like that,

my heart just MELTS!!!  


Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!