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We've been asked to foster a bulldog.

She's about 5 years old and, I've been told, very shy. Her owner died unexpectedly. Apparently, she didn't bond with anyone but the owner. The home has two other bulldogs which are staying with the widower. Any advice from anyone who has done this? Thanks!

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It will take time and a calm atmosphere, but I bet she would be

Fine with you guys. Lots of little encouragements, soft pats, and long walks. 

Did they say why she is the only one being fostered out?


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Yes, her owner died suddenly

The owner and her husband have three bulldogs. This little girl is one of three and is very timid, I've been told. The woman died and the husband cannot keep all three. This one, named 'Spring,' may have been a rescue to begin with. I think she's had a litter or two.

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Ahhh, poor girl...

hope it works out, she sound like she needs some TLC.

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Actually, Oreo was 5 when we rescued her...

I had bought new toys for her and found she didn't know what to do with them.  She got really close to my husband, liked me and tolerated our other dogs.  She turned into the queen bee after a few months.  My advice is just take it slow with her and win her confidence with soft, kind words and of course, treats.