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Weight & size???

Our baby Miss Piggy is 7 months. We thought she was growing at a good rate. ie. size and weight. 

Today we seen a bulldog in our neighborhood and he was 7 months yet he was much larger in size & weight. My wife & I are now concerned we might have a mini. 

Any ideas? Or should I not compare females & males????


Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!

My girl is on the smaller side but is still a great bulldog...

She weighs about 10 pounds less than my last female, is much shorter and stockier but at 16 months and 42 pounds is all the bullie I need.

I have two male bulldogs................

and they weigh in around 47 lbs a piece and are built very differently, so I think your baby is where she is supposed to be!


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Bulldog weights vary.

I've seen fit and healthy grown bulldogs at 45 lb. and at 85 lb. I even met a bulldog who was 105 lb. They really come in all sized, although for a show dog, they should not be too big or too small. My bulldog used to be 60 lb and is not about 53 lb.

Here is the 105 lb bulldog, on Hilton Head:

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All sizes!

PollyAnna is a big boned 80 pound lady! Little Olive is 21 months old and weighs in at 38. She is so active she runs her weight off.


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As long as she's healthy size doesn't matter :)

We have a full figured gal. Our bully is 66lbs,but she come from a long line of big bulldogs. There is another female bulldog in town that only weighs 40-45lbs.
Thankfully both dogs are happy, healthy bullies.
Size doesn't matter...lol


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My Mr. Higgins is 44lb

He is a lovely compact boy with an obvious waist. My last bully was one big heavy dude approx. 64lb but he was bigger boned than my Mr. Higgins. I am happy he is on the small side as he has had 3 knee surgeries and will benefit if not overweight. Oh, but he is cute!


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Thank you all. Yours words

Thank you all. 

Yours words truly mean so much. 


Bulldogs changed our life!!!!!