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Website Issue

I want to post some pics and a video for Viper and there is an error that displays when you want to post.

it does not give you the options to insert an image or video.

Here's the error message:

You did not give any role the "use wysiwyg image upload" permission, so nobody can use wysiwyg_imageupload. Please read point 8 at this howto on how to fix this.


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It's not just you.......I see the same thing

and no option to post a picture. I've emailed the webmaster, hopefully they will fix this ASAP!


Cathy & Zimmer



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I have seen this message for a long time.

I can still post pics though, so not sure what is up wtih all that. We are at this time i contact with the owners of the board and are attempting to resolve the issue.

Just sayin, Sophia is on Purina One Lamb and Rice and is doing better than she ever has on any other food. It is not what I ever thought she would do well on, but teh fact is that the Purina high end line isn't all bad:-)


Amy and Sophia

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Amy - fair enough. I guess I

Amy - fair enough. I guess I should know better - bullies are highly variable - what works for one may not for another. My apologies to Purina - I am an admitted/guilty dog food snob :)

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I get this everytime I post.

I'm getting it now. I post anyway. I don't knwo what it means.

Can someone please check to

Can someone please check to see if this works for them now...

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When I post I have no options

When I post I have no options to insert a pic or video - still. Thanks!

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Neither do I



Cathy & Zimmer



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Just a thought - last night

Just a thought - last night my computer installed 14 windows updates (internet explorer, vista, etc) - wondering if it's a compatability issue? My computer is set to check for update every night.