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Warning!!! Danger in the spring thaw!

Hello everybully! I just wanted to post a quick msg stating the dangers of a walk after the ground is thawing and the snow has melted(for those of you fortunate to live in a snowy area). 

The other day Tucker was out for a walk with a friend who used to walk him every day for us and he got ahold of something that was toxic. Fortunately he didn't swallow it but he got enough of it in his mouth that it made him really sick. He was vomiting and he had horrible tremors and shakes. He wouldn't stand up or leave the carpet. The poor guy was terrified too. We took him to the emergency vet hospital and they gave him some charcoal and other meds and he was all better in a couple hours.

So make sure you're watching your dog super close if you live somewhere where there was lots of snow and now its melted. The city of Toronto isn't the best at getting the streets cleaned up maybe as fast as they could.

Anyway, hope everyone is well, Katie, Tucker and family :) 


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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Good to know, Thanks

I keep Penelope on a pretty short leash cause I'm a bit of an over protective bully dad that it must drive my girl crazy.....lol I will definitely keep a closer look on to what she gets into....


Cory & Penelope

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Glad to here he is better.

I'm in Texas and what  everything with Loulou shove her face. I watch. She is always on a lease when we are outside. That must of scared you both to death. Kiss him for me.